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Membrane Drysuits

Browse here for the range of Otter membrane drysuits.

Otter Hammerhead


The Otter Hammerhead Suit is designed to be a "Workhorse" membrane Dry Suit.


This suit is recommended for beginners or the diver on a budget whom still require a quality, warm & safe drysuit.


Perfect for general sport/wreck diving.


From £745.00 (Ask us about our Happy Diver Deal)

Otter Cordura-D


The Otter Cordura-D suit made from tried and tested hard wearing double thick Cordura Rib Skin Material.


This is the suit that Happy Diver UK use as our rental suits.

From £867.00 (Ask us about our Happy Diver Deal)

Otter Skin MK2


The Otter Skin has been revamped it now comes as standard with double back zip-heavy duty latex seals-double knees pads-reflective patches-elasticated back-braces-cargo pocket-warm neck collar and otter neoprene lined boots.



From £983.00 (Ask us about the Otter Instructor Deal)

Otter Ladies Velvet Skin


New to the Otter range is the Ladies Velvet Skin, this suit has been specially designed for female divers. It is made from a smooth Cordura material which is strong and flexible.This suit is shaped so it is easy to get on and even easier to get out.


From £983.00


Otter Britannic Superskin


The success of the Britannic Expedition 1997 led to the development of this, the top membrane diving suit in the world. Designed for today's world of deep technical diving, this suit is at home at any depth and is suitable for both technical divers and keen wreck divers alike or for just pottering around in a river or a pond.


One of the safest and driest membrane dry suits available.


From £1,197.00 (Ask us about the Otter Instructor Deal)


Otter Britannic MK2 Telescopic


Super tough ,stylish, a must for the discerning diver.


The Britannic Superskin is the top membrane diving suit in the world today but now Otter have made it better by adding a telescopic torso for ease of entry.


From £1,445.00 (Ask us about the Otter Instructor Deal)


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