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Happy Diver UK offers special deals on drysuits, undersuit thermal wear, hoods, gloves and much more. Keep checking back for our latest offers.

Happy Diver Rock Boot Deal

We believe that the rock boot system is the best foot system for both beginners and experienced divers.  It provides a comfortable fit with minimum air entrapment. This is why we use it on our rental suits.



Happy Diver UK orders all its suits with the rock boot system even when it's not fitted as standard.


The rock boot system, when added to Hammerhead, Classic, Cordura-D, Commercial, Ultimate, Extreme, Otter Skin MK2, Velvet Skin and  Armour Skin suits, is an additional £31. With Happy Diver UK you get included FREE!

Happy Diver Deal

Divers who rent suits from us or are part of one of our Happy Diver Day, Happy Diver Weekend or Happy Diver Multi-Day packages get a 10% discount when you invest in an Otter Hammerhead, Otter Classic Neoprene or Otter Cordura-D drysuit ordered through Happy Diver UK.

Our Happy Diver Deal now covers, Fourth Element thermal undersuits, hoods, gloves and much more. try before you buy with Happy Diver UK then save 10% on the essentials.


Please visit our our shop  and contact us for details?

  RRP Happy Diver Deal
Otter Hammerhead £745.00 £670.50
Otter Classic £745.00 £670.50
Otter Hammerhead Telescopic £840.00 £756.00
Otter Cordura-D


Otter Polar D 2-piece undersuit £162.00 £145.80
Fourth Element Arctic 2-pc undersuit £224.50 £202.05
Fourth Element X-Core Vest £99.50 £89.55
Fourth Element 5 mm Hood £42.50 £38.25
Fourth Element 5 mm Gloves £54.95 £49.45

Instructor Deal

The Otter Instructor Deal gives you an amazing 15% off the retail price of Otter Britannic, Skin Mk2, Extreme, Ultimate and Travel Light drysuits.




Please visit our our shop  and contact us for details?. All we need is a copy of your instructor qualification.

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